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Blood lining
First time lining
Off the Tube or the Points?
YOUR Arm...
Diluting colors with hamamelis?
tattooing hands and fingers
Dotwork and etching
is anybody out there? i suck
Realistic Wolf
First Foot Tattoo - Advice??
How to Curve Text
shading underneath color
tattoos on neck
liner tuning
Filigree tutorials?
lining video
i get tool to practice
Mixing colors.
My stencil recipe
Colour tones
Lining: Long stroke or short stroke
Stencils pisses me off
lining vs shading
Grey ink vs Grey Wash
blending shades
I still can't line for shit
Finger tattoos?!
loosing my lines....
Is any practice skin worth using?
shading technique.what's yours?
dot shading
keloids and a lip??
Checking Needlz
Tattooing dark skin
Hand motion
Single needle
curved mags
Lining with rotary
im having problems with color packing
What do you use to mix the greywash ink? (drop system)
What do you do when...
question for shading
Lining..... for those interested.
Homemade Stencil Fluid
Needle hang? (shading)
White alteratives ?
Stencil recipe
Rounds for color work?
packing yellow and white
ok can you give me some advice
How long healing between colour sessions??
ok how do i ???????
Best all purpose needle
what technique...
mags like a caligraphy pen?
Can someone give me some advice on grey wash PLEASE
Grey wash
stencil info from old forum
Color pencil tips?
stretch marks
proper single pass form
Tattooing a scar
remember the line thickness,,,,,,,,
cover up help,,,,,
Baby Footprint
What degree to line at
Black and Grey Questions
Tattooing PDF's
line practise
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