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art of the mark 1 & 2 plus haunted
G. Ach Reinvntng the Tat #2 with DVD
Slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow motion
Practice your lines.
Very Good Links
CNC tattoo machine, dafuq?
How to portrait
Drawing on the right side of the brain
My Tattoo Dvds
Color pencil artwork demo
Line work
A very very good read
drawing what you see
3 machine set up
different koi fish designs
artist interviews
how to find out your coil size
tattoo history videos
different tattoo vids
anatomy of a tattoo
fore fathers of american tattooing
Great video explaining the outlining process
check this out....
Video of Shige (japanese tattoo artist) tattooing
Asian Dragon Painting
Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry, documentary.
60s style water colour flash/ by sailor jerry swallow
spit shade traditional flash/ with water colour
Nikko Hurtado color portrait
color layering explained- Mario Barth
color wheel of llies
B&G shadeing technique with a wash
ChairoScuro lighting technique
tattoo tips/ mario barth
asian shadeing
different brand inks in your color pallet
skin sketching with sharpies
tattoo needle, types and uses
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